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What is the general move in procedure?

You can take occupancy of your new apartment on the start date of your lease agreement. Typically the lease agreement in signed on the same day as the move in date so that you can take occupancy immediately. On your lease signing day, you will meet with a property manager at the your new apartment.

All utilities must be transfered into your name prior to taking occupancy. For a list of commonly used utility providers, please visit the download section and select the link that applies to your area.

Move in Check List:
You will also have to complete, sign, and date the move in checklist prior to moving any furniture or possessions into the property. In some basis, the property inspector may take photos of the property and have you sign the photos as well. These measures are made in effort to document the exact condition of the property prior to your moving in.

Lease Signing:
Your property manager will go over in detail, the terms and conditions of your lease agreement. After the lease has been reviewed, both yourself and the manager will sign and date the lease contract.

Payment Authorization:
You will also have to complete, sign, and date the payment authorization form that allows Trinity Villas to make automatic debits to your checking/savings account for rental payments.

Issuance of Keys
Finally, your property manager will issue keys to the property. These keys may not be duplicated unless authorized by the property manager.

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