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Prospective Tenants

What determines whether or not someone is eligible to be accepted as a tenant?

Trinity Villas takes a holistic approach to new tenant evaluation. We make great effort to ensure safe and comfortable living environments for our tenants and those efforts reflect in our tenant screening procedures.

Background Checks:
Trinity Villas regularly performs background checks on new applicants and reserves the right to refuse housing based on those results.

Credit Checks:
A credit check is mandatory for new applicants. Upon submitting application, prospective tenants are required to submit a nonrefundable $25.00 applicant fee. Trinity Villas reserves the right to refuse housing based on having a credit score that is lower than our allowable threshold.

Financial Feasibility Check:
As part of new tenant evaluation, Trinity Villas also performs a financial feasibility check to loosely determine whether or not an applicant can fulfill their rental obligation.

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